Edyta Hul is a visual artist currently based in Warsaw, Poland. Her main medium is painting, she also works with graphics, illustration, textile art. Born in Dobre Miasto, Warmia, Poland.  Graduated at the Painting Department,  Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.


Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk – MFA

For me art is a form of materialization of feelings and impressions, a place where reality mixes with illusion with the help of a human hand. This is an individualized way of telling about the world. The potential that it gives me, is the opportunity to experiment and search for /create my individual language, using unrestricted materials, by creating new forms of expression.
The starting point in my artwork are usually visual and emotional experiences related to the natural world. I try to translate quotes from the world of plants and animals into semi-abstract images. I combine memories and ideas in order to obtain a satisfying object. Sometimes, thanks to the changing fascinations, I refer to the content of cultural achievements from the close and distant surroundings.
My paintings are a connotation to traditional landscape painting. They are a certain metaphor, a compromise between abstraction, my own imagination and the mapping of reality. Basically, it is a mixture of ambiguous, non-literal forms, giving a wide field for interpretation. I translate literal mimicry into a subjective, timeless vision of movement, an extensive frame of reality, an attempt to record the process of looking.

Selected Exhibitions:


– “Herbarium novum. Efflorescentiae”  – collective  show, City Gallery BWA, Bydgoszcz, Poland

-“Acidic Soil” – solo show, Tajna Galeria, Gdańsk, Poland

-Paintings – solo show, Exibition Center Stara Kotłownia, Warmia and Masurian University, Olsztyn, Poland



-“XI  Triennial of Small Painting Forms”, Wozownia, Toruń, Poland

-„Ameba”, Dom Ewolucji, Night of Museums Warszawa, Poland

-X International Miniature Biennial, Szara Galeria CENTRUM (Kraków) , Galeria TEST (Warszawa), Poland

-MuseumsQuartier Artist in Residence, Vienna, Austria (2019)

-Early Spring – solo show, Main City Gallery in Zakopane, Poland 2019

-Nominated to „Eugeniusz Eibisch” Prize, exhibition at Katarzyna Napiórkowska Gallery, Warsaw, Poland 2018

-X International Biennial of Miniature Art, Częstochowa, Poland 2018

-Pieńków International Artist Residency,  Pieńków, Poland 2018

– Zakłócenia / Umwelt – featured in competition, Post-competition exhibition at CSW Solvay, International Cultural Center, Cracow, Poland (2018)

-„IV Triennial ANIMALIS” – MM Gallery, Chorzow, Poland (2017)
-“ Loneliness of the Forest”, solo show, exhibition at New Era Art Gallery, Cracow, Poland (2016)
-Nominated to „Eugeniusz Eibisch” Prize, exhibition at Katarzyna Napiórkowska Gallery, Warsaw, Poland 2017
-Nominated to „Jesienne Konfrontacje” Prize, exhibition – BWA Gallery, Rzeszów, Poland  (2016)
-Special prize at” X Triennial of Small Painting Forms”. Exhibition at Wozownia Gallery, Toruń, Poland 2016
– „Wild Art Weekend” – international art festival & exhibition, Antoni Rząsa Gallery, Illuminatis Gallery, Tatra Station(Zakopane, Poland), Sławkowska Gallery, Cracow, Poland (2016)
-Nominated to main prize at „New Image – Perspective” Contest. Post-competition exhibitions in Poznan and Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland (2014)
– VIII Art Biennial in Olsztyn, BWA Gallery in Olsztyn, Poland (2013)
-„I Pomeranian Art Triennial” PGS Gallery in Sopot, Poland(2013)
-„Hortus Conclusus” – Pionova Gallery (Gdańsk,2013)
-„Amazing Stories II” – Collective ephemeral show – forest in Oliwa , Gdańsk, Poland(2012)
-Special prize at Student Graphic of the year, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland (2012)
-„Zoomorphic Images” , Pionova Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland (2012)
-„Synonymously ” collective exhibition at Academy of Art Museum, Wrocław, Poland (2012)
-„Polish Nationwide Drawing Exhibition” at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland (2011)


Other Activities:


-Co-founder of the  OTWARTA Foundation, Zakopane, Warsaw, Poland;

-Co-founder of  the Hans Katze – artistic group

-Co-founder of the Dom Ewolucji, Open Studio and Contemporary Art Space, Warsaw, Poland




2020 (Polish) Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, scholarship

2019 The Federal (Austrian) Ministry for European and International Affairs scholarship for the  Residency at  Museums Quartier Artist in Residence Program, January-February 2019, Vienna

2011-2012 Scholarship for the best students, Academy of Fine Arts. Gdansk, Poland


„Zrealizowano w ramach stypendium Ministra i Kultury Dziedzictwa Narodowego ”